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Handset app and features

You can always use BackHug handset attached to the device. 
No need to use your own mobile phone or worry about battery life.

The handset is designed to work only with the BackHug app. 

BackHug app installed on the handset is simplified compared to the BackHug app you have installed on your mobile phone. We have kept only the most important features allowing you to instantly book the session, check-in and control the BackHug device. 

Handset version of the app doesn't allow booking ahead of time, but you can book immediately, allowing you the maximum flexibility we can offer. 


How does instant booking work?

Walk into the cubicle and check on the handset screen if the instant booking option is available.

If yes, you will be able to choose the available duration of the session, login and pay for the session.

If not, it means that the device is either booked very soon or you are out of its opening hours.

If there is no upcoming booking we allow to book and start the session right away.

How does instant check-in work?

Once you completed your booking, you will be able to instantly check-in and receive your BackHug session. No waiting, no lines, no hassle. 


Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy your next BackHug!

Any questions or suggestions please contact us at support@paclamedical.com.