How is BackHug different from other therapy devices (like airport or shopping centre massage chairs)?

BackHug uses human-sized robotic fingers, rather than the rollers and blocks used by legacy devices such as the chairs seen in airports or shopping malls. With BackHug, the force is applied by the fingers over a smaller surface area and is, therefore, more precise and can go more deeply into the knots and other areas of pressure and tightness to relieve your back’s tension.

You lie on BackHug, rather than sitting. This means that, with BackHug, the fingers are pushing against your body weight and can apply firm, targeted pressure without shaking you or pushing you out of the device.

Legacy devices offer limited ability to adjust settings and do not adjust to the individual shape of your back. With BackHug, the robotic fingers rise to sense and adjust to each user’s individual back shape. BackHug allows you to adjust the strength of treatment during the session. Depending on how stiff or sensitive the different parts of your back are, you can apply a different strength to the neck, shoulder blades, mid-back and lower back, as easily as adjusting the volume on a stereo.

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